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Our Vatan Choir was established in 1999 under the chairmanship of Zuhal Sibel Özdemir and the auspices of the Turkish American Women’s League.

Our Vatan Choir will continue to work independently in the following years as long as it exists.

Turkish Music is in and around New York and Vatan Choir works with the aim of keeping the culture alive and promoting concerts. 

It also serves human values by donating its concert revenues to various charities carrying the honor and pride of the plaques.  

Our Choir formed by amateur and professional musicians who gave their heart to Turkish Music and its members continues to increase and welcomes new members with a passion for music and determination to advance vocal or instrumental skills. 

Our Vatan choir, which has worked with valuable names such as Dr. İrfan Doğrusöz, Tülin Uyanıker, Ahmet Erdoğdular, Gökhan Seyrek, Gökhan Çankaya, Caner Tokgözol and İzmir radio artist Dahi Levent Armağan, is continuing its work this year under the direction of Mr. Ali Kahya, a graduate of Istanbul State Conservatory. Our Choir’s classical Turkish music and folk music studies continue by his leadership.

Ali Kahya

Ali Kahya, a longtime professional entertainer, is a diversely skilled musician, playing and singing in both Eastern and Western styles. Ali began pursuing the study of the double bass at the State Conservatoire in Istanbul. During his years at the conservatory, he concentrated on studying Western music and performed with the Symphonic Orchestra.
Once he had completed his education, Ali decided to jump the pond to New York City. There, he quickly began performing as a pianist and taught music in New York public and private schools, giving lectures. During his tenure there, he performed for numerous Turkish heads of state as well as during the democratic convention for Bill Clinton at Bryant Park and shared the stage with other notable entertainers. More recently, Ali has not only been performing in the New York area but also throughout the United States and internationally, While he is renowned for his renditions of Turkish music, he continues to perform in a wide variety of styles in theatrical and concert settings, Ali is proudly working as a music director for Vatan Choir

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